Sample courses: 

Assistant Professor, Duke University

  • French Political Thought (graduate seminar)
  • Inequality in Modern Political Thought (advanced undergraduate seminar)
  • Republicanism (graduate seminar)
  • Social Contract Theory (graduate seminar)
  • Sex, Politics and Feminist Philosophy (undergraduate course)
  • Left, Right and Center (undergraduate course)

Assistant Professor, the University of Wisconsin-Madison 

  • Politics and Economics (freshman seminar)
  • French political thought from Rousseau to Foucault (advanced undergraduate seminar)
  • Rousseau (graduate seminar)

Collegiate Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

  • Power, Identity, Resistance I :  Introduction to political economy (Smith, Marx, Durkheim)
  • Power, Identity, Resistance II: Liberalism and its critics (Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Burke, Tocqueville, Mill)
  • Power, Identity, Resistance III: Violence and resistance (Nietzsche, Freud, Fanon, Beauvoir, Foucault)